Using Levitra – Best Practices

Many patients are prescribed Levitra to treat their erectile dysfunction. It has been proven to help men enjoy normal sex lives even if they have ED. However, you can improve the statistics regarding success by following the guidelines given to you by your doctor and the general information listed with the use of the drug.

Proper Dosage

Your doctor will probably give you a dose of 2.5mg to start out, but that may vary based on your condition and medical history. However, you should never change dosage without the approval of your doctor. This means you should not double your dosage or cut it in half. You should also never take the medication more often than what is recommended by your doctor. Standard recommendation is only once a day, but that may be extended based on your personal history.

You should also take the dose at least an hour before initiating sexual activity. It can be taken either with or without food.


Always alert your doctor to any history of heart conditions that you have. You should also make sure they know of all medications that you are taking that could interact with Levitra. It can be dangerous to combine the wrong medications but it can also limit the effectiveness of either of them. If you find that the drug does not work for your ED as it should, an interaction may be the cause.

Other conditions may require that you take a lower dosage for the medication to be effective. For instance, because older men have higher vardenafil plasma concentrations, many doctors will recommend a lower starting dose of no more than 5mg. People with hepatic impairment are also often started on the same dosage.

It is also important to know that Levitra does not cure ED so you should work with your doctor to determine the underlying cause of the condition. Many reasons for the diagnosis can be cured while others leave permanent problems.

Levitra does not cause an erection without sexual stimulation, so there is no cause for worry if you take the drug and then do not have intercourse. However, it does take some time for the drug to work so you will want to plan accordingly.

You should also try to relax to help the drug work more effectively. Many men worry about the ability to perform, which can hinder the situation. Provide a relaxing environment for your intimacy to enhance the effects of the drug.

Taking Levitra can help in the treatment in erectile dysfunction. While it does not always work, following the guidelines will ensure your best chance at having a normal life. Communicating with your doctor and following directions is essential in the process.

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